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Shaking Hands

We're Passionate About
Community Connections


Workforce Development Partners

Through a dedicated network of community partners and the Baltimore County Government, our team works to place individuals in jobs suited to their skills.

We partner with groups like Chime Solutions, Zeffert and Gold, and more. In addition, our workforce development initiatives support Baltimore County’s economic development efforts to attract and retain businesses. Together, we are actively re-energizing a stagnant community through long-term, competitive employment.


The Renaissance Center

This therapeutic center offers community-based counseling with both traditional and pastoral options, designed for individuals, couples, families, and groups experiencing difficulty in a number of life areas. Visitors can expect effective, compassionate guidance in a safe and confidential environment. The Renaissance Center's purpose is to transform the mind, body, and soul in moving the individual forward in becoming whole.

Mental health needs are often overlooked, yet many problems in life can be resolved by first looking inwards. The Renaissance Center partnership has helped numerous struggling individuals find the support and tools they need to surpass their obstacles. Learn more here.

Learn more about The Renaissance Center here

Why Our Partners Mean the World to Us

We’re passionate about community connections. No one organization can solve every problem, but a network of like-minded, people-focused organizations can provide the guidance, skills, and resources needed for every person to succeed, no matter their unique situation. Together, we can do more. Partner with the MSBC 5 Star Program today!


With Your Help, We Can Do More

The MSBC 5 Star Program is operated by and for the Security/Woodlawn and West Baltimore County and City communities. Our community-based initiatives couldn’t happen without volunteers and participating community partners.

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